WTS: cr 86 Nature Healer 1950 Resto

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    UPDATED WTS a cr 86 nature healer in full t4 healing gear with half of it modded with t4 resto/prec mods. 86 skillpoints Full t4 Healer gear Premium account with both healer rings and healer necklace from prom lockboxxes. shared bank is full of gold necklaces/rings two 131.1 weapons One Nature Martial arts and one DPS two hander several prime weapons.. One healer Pistols 126 and DPS Duel Wield , 1h , rifle ETC Legends : Amun , Bane , Catwoman , Two Face , Joker , Nightwing , robin and 15 Marks of Lore I have 3 Character Glows.. Purple and Gold and Blue 1600 marks of triupmh sitting on the account. 20+ mow TONS of MoW quests sitting in journal from fate DLC ( i was legendary untill a few days ago ) Best healer Trinket belt with Fos trinket / two CC trinkets / both holloween event trinkets ..Manhunter trinket and demon trinket as well as some random cr 62 trinket that adds 200 prec and 200 might Snowman trinket and a few others On the account other than the main character (healer) 1 Electric under level 10 level 20ish Sorc 1 earth under level 10 1 hard light under level 10 Premiuim account .. Own Light DLC / Last Laugh DLC / Earth DLC / Fate DLC
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.