WTS count Aion EU Perento (sorc and chanter lvl 55)

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    Count of Aion EU with 19 mouth played *Main Character Server: Perento Class: Sorcerer Lvl: 55 Kinah: 25kk AP: 560.000 Master in Cooking (541) 499 in Essencentaping 419 in Aethertaping All Stigmas ( Glacial Shard ) -Armor Set Stormwing (5/5) with all manastones Magic Boost +27 Full Abyss lvl 40 +11 with gloves Abyss lvl 55 +10 Set Fenris complete, with all manastones Cool Swimsuit Hot Beachwear Storm Wings -Accesory *Head-> Stately Cloliseum Champion’s Bandana, for PvP lvl 55 Ethernal confition lvl 2 *Earring-> Archon Brigade General’s Turquoise Earring (Ethernal) and Debilkarim’s Turquoise Earring (x2) (Ethernal) *Rings-> Archon Primus Pilus’s Turquoise Rings (x2) (Gold) *Necklace-> Archon Brigade General’s Turquoise Necklace (Ethernal) *Belt-> Archon Brigade General’s Sash (Ethernal) -Weapon Fenris’s Tome +10, combined with tome of Abyss lvl 40, with all manastones and Godstone of silence, with skin Vorpal Tome. -Random items Balics items Enchanment Stones:L61(x3), L63(x2), L65(x6), L67(x3), L68(x9), L69(x4), 70(x8), L71, L74, L76, L80(x4), L81, L83, L84, L85(x2), L86, L87(x2), L88(x2), L89(x3). Manastones: Hp+95 (x14), Magic Boost +27 (x56), Magical Accuracy +14 (x32), Resist Magic +14 (x40) Godstone: Zikel’s Pride (3760 damage fire with 1% probality) Plastic Surgery Ticket Platinum Medal (x1) Major Ancient Crown (x4) Arena Ticket (x6) Crucible Insignias (x5525) Courage Insignias (x361) Beshmundir Temple, Esoterrace, Draupnir Cave and Stell Rake scroll for couldown off (x10) Padmarashka Cave Key All Keys of Beshmundir Temple Scroll of casting speed, running, flight speed and crit spell 19k of Stigma shard Food for Sorc: Nokara Herb Sushi Skin complete of esoterrace cloth Felicious Socketing (Ethernal) (x2) Dyes: Green, Blue, Hot Orange and Hot Pink *Second Main Character Server: Perento Class: Chanter Lvl: 55 Kinah: 2kk AP: 56.000 Expert in Handicrafting (451) All Stigmas ( Elemental Screen I ) -Armor Divine Coliseum Champion Chain Set (5/5) Ethernal PvP, condition lvl 1, with all manastones Set Fenris complete, with all manastones Storm Wings -Accesory *Head-> Jotun Worthy Hat *Earring-> Vorpal Corundum Earring and Debilkarim’s Corundum Earring (Ethernal) *Rings-> Kingspin’s Corundum Ring and Anurati’s Corundum Ring (Ethernal) *Necklace-> Debilkarim’s Corundum Necklace *Belt-> Malikas’s Leather Belt -Weapon Debilkarim’s Staff +9 combined with Staff of Mitrhil Coin lvl 51, with godstone 750 damage with 2%, Atck Speed 19% Debilkarim’s Hammer +2 with Atck. Speed +19% -Random items Variety of Fluxes: white, green, blue and gold Gold Medal (x29) 12k Stigma Shard Crucible Insignias (x7453) Courage Insignias (x905) Platinum Medal (x15) Scroll of casting speed, Atck. Speed, running, flight speed and crit strike. Mithril Coin (x85) 138 Boiling Balaur Blood Stain *Alters Cleric lvl 49 Spiritmaster lvl 33 300 €, transfer to a bank account The price is negotiable Or contact with me: *****************************************************
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