WTS: Conqueror PvP 10, 9 x 80 lvls ( 1 2)

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    Hey! I would like to sell EU Age of Conan account(RotGS included) Account has illimitable free gametime(you don't have to pay for the game at all!) 9 Characters with lvl 80, some lowbie and 20+offline lvls! Main Character: Conqueror PvP 10 (crom server) *Character has around 25 000 kills with 8000 deaths, great K/D 3.10 *around 3000 minis won / 300 lost *Full PvP lvl 10 bori gear *Well trained aa tree! *6 khitai fractions maxed *many Khitai epics - here's some of them *almost Full Tier 3 raid gear! *Many tokens (even 1 rare one!) *Many expensive resources (shards!) worth around 700G. Alt. Characters Assassin pvp 4 (crom) *Full epic geared *few Brittle Blade parts! (Chest/L/Shoulders/Belt) *Well trained AA, 2 sin major perks / TW / FH. Bear Shamman PvP lvl 4 (fury) *Mixed gear PvP, epic khitai *some AA points Barbarian PvP 3 *Few T2 epics *good AA tree Necromancer pvp 4 (crom) *Full Tier2 Raid gear (only belt is T1) *Well trained AA Guardian pvp 3 (crom) *Full Tier 2 raid gear *Recipe for Ibis craft *well trained AA Dark Templar (crom) *almost Full epic T1/T2 gear * well trained AA Hox (crom) *Culture / epic gear *AA Trained only over time ToS (crom) *Culture / epic gear *AA trained only over time Transaction would be done by PayPal Waiting for offers in private message or email deleted
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