WTS Cleric/Ranger Asmo Perento.

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    Weapons: Pacification Staff combined with Coliseum Champion's Shakujo Staff on +10 stacked with MB manastones and Silence godstone Noble Coliseum Champion's Cudgel stacked with MR stones and 3760dmg godstone on +10 Fenris's Warhammer with MR stones and 1880dmg godstone Earth Dragon Mace Noble Coliseum Champion's Shiled stacked with MR stones Master Carved Drenium Shield stacked with block stones Archon Centurion's Shield stacked with MR stones on +7 Gear: Full set Archon Primus Pilus's stacked with MR stones and all on +10 Full Fenris set stacked with MR stones Full set Expert Noble Drenium Chain stacked with HP stones 4 pieces of cloth noble coliseum champion's ( need only gloves ) stacked with MB stones Jewels: Mixed eternal and gold pvp jewels. I have some circle too. Jotun and Stately Coliseum Chamion's Bandana Aethertapping - 499 Essencetapping -499 Armormisthin - 516 with almost all master designs Alchemy - 499 with all potion and scroll desings ( only fine revovery serum missing ) Handycrafting - 501 ( wirh ranger char which is lvl 55 and not bad geared ) 100kk+ kinah and a lot of balaur matts,mana stones and enchantment stones in WH. I have all veteran rewards. 1000 courage insignias and 20k crucible insignias at the moment PayPal or bank accaunt transfer. for price pm me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.