WTS: Cleric on Anuhart (EU) Elyos side.

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    Hi! I got some problem IRL and i need to sell my account. This is my first character on a MMORPG and my main is very well geared and got TONS of things. Full Guardians commander's divine gear geared (AP aug 2, best set) magic boost+27 and magic accuracy +14. Kharun peace staff. Arena set 55/60 full magic resist (reach 2280 without food). Enough courage (7000+) to finish the set, only 2 parts to buy. Full AP 60 eternal and Kharun eternal accessories. 4/5 Siel gear (clothes full magic boost +27). Silence 5%, Paralyse 2% (both are rare and hard to get) godstones (+ lots of damage godstones) on warehouse. At this moment : 510 armorsmithing, 399 alchemy (enough mats to reach 440+ and (rare drops) in warehouse), 446 aethertapping, 493 essencetapping. l111x1, l110x9, l102, l96x4, l90x2, l89 enchantment stones in warehouse of alt (really a lot of kinah or usefull to upgrade your gear). I got 100.000.000+ kinah, 1500 Kharun symbol, 262 legion coins, 14 protectorate coins and 600.000 abyss points in relics (+100.000 in crowns from website if needed), 60 mithrils. I'm a student so i haven't credit card. Of course if u need screenshot, ask me and i will post it. - - - Updated - - - also 41 tickets for the arena of glory.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.