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    WTS Cleric Asmodian Perento liv.60 I stop playing and I sell my account. If anyone is interested, I accept offers 1°set arena liv.60 double condition - full Magic Resist Antro's Hauberk +2 Antro's Chausses Antro's Brogans Antro's Spaulders Antro's Handguards 2°set arena liv.55 Clot orange- Full magic boost Divine Coliseium Champions' Tunic Divine Coliseium Champions' Leggings Divine Coliseium Champions' Gloves Divine Coliseium Champions' Pauldrons Divine Coliseium Champions' Shoes Back-armor in Warehouse: Liv.55 Full Set Stormwing's Chain orange Stormwing's Hauberk Stormwing's Chausses Stormwing's Brogans Stormwing's Handguards Stormwing's Spaulders liv.55 Primus Pilus's gold Archon Primus Pilus's Hauberk +10 Archon Primus Pilus's Chausses +10 Archon Primus Pilus's Brogans +10 Archon Primus Pilus's gloves (in clot) +10 Archon Primus Pilus's Spaulders +10 Accessory: Antro's Chain Hood - liv.60 arena orange Noble Elegant Corundum Glasses - liv.53 orange Archon Brigade General's Turquoise Necklace liv.55 orange Archon Brigade General's Turquoise Earrings Archon Primus Pilus's Turquoise Earrings liv.55 Gold Archon Brigade General's Turquoise Ring Archon Brigade General's Turquoise Ring Ksanat's Belt liv.60 orange +2.2pvp attack Archon Brigade General's Sash liv.55 orange Weapon: Noble Coliseum Champaion's Cudgel +8 Noble Coliseum Champaion's Shield +8 Horned Dragon Emperor's Staff +15 Storming's Warhammer Stormwing Scale Shield Wings: Ancient Spirit's Wings liv.60 Orange Storm Wings Lucky Wings Mount: Pagati Veyron Other: 15.000 Courage Insigna 10 Mithril Medal 9 Platinum Medal 18 Ticket for the Arena of Glory - red ticket 1 Symbol of Glory 573 Kahrun's Symbol 84 Legion Coin 1 Plastic Surgery Ticket 30.000 Crucible Insigna 4 Gold Pack 300.000.000 Kinah Crafts: Master Cooking - 541/549 Expert Armoursmithing 449/449 Journeyman Alchemy 399/399 Expert Aethertapping 491/499 Expert Essencetapping 499/499 I ACCEPT PAYPAL
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