WTS Cleric 55 Telemachus + 51 Ranger

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    Cleric: Level 55 – Server Telemachus (ENG) Current Abyss points 80k total kills 13.5k Current campaign: lvl 55 Quest for Siel’s Relic step 9 First SET: MR SET +10 Fenri’s Shield +6 Elite Archon Centurion’s Spaulders +5 Noble Surkana Warhammer paralyz +4 Elite Archon Centurion’s Brogans +3 Elite Archon Centurion’s Handguards +2 Elite Archon Centurion’s Chausses +2 Elite Archon Centurion’s Hauberk Archon Tribunu’s Sapphire ring x2 Archon Tribunu’s Belt Archon Tribunu’s Headband Archon Tribunu’s Sapphire Necklace Archon Tribunus’s Sapphire Earrings Guardian Centurion’s Lazuli Earrings Second SET: HP SET Elder’s Tears ring +2 Fenri’s Brogans +2 Fenri’s Handguards +2 Fenri’s Spaulders +1 Fenri’s Chausses +1 Fenri’s Hauberk Lakhane’s Kerchief Items Abyss points: 30 Major Ancient Crown 11 Greater Ancient Crown 7 Ancient Crown 19 Lesser Ancient Crown 8 Major Ancient Goblet 9 Greater Ancient Goblet 20 Ancient Goblet 35 Lesser Ancient Goblet Major ancient icon + Lesser icon 762 Greater Divine Life Serum 185 Greater Divine Wind Serum Items: 15m in Remodeled Chest More than 20m in ítems ( Potions,boilings,fluxes,stigma shards,manastones,hearths,scales,skin,coins …etc) 62m in Inventory Cleric Screens Uploaded with ***************************************************** Ranger: Level 51 – Server Balder (GER) Rank 9 - Total Kills 9.7k Unique SET: +4 Longbow +4 Archon Centurion’s Vambrace +1 Archon Centurion’s Shoulderguards +1 Archon Centurion’s Boots +1 Archon Centurion’s Breeches +0 Archon Centurion’s Jerkin Guardian Centurion’s Garnet Earrings Archon Centurion’s Garnet Necklace Archon Tribunu’s Ruby Ring Archon Squad Leader’s Topaz Ring Expert Noble Tough Hat Archon Tribunu’s Leather Belt Ranger Screens Uploaded with ***************************************************** Can play to 26 March 13 months payed !!!!!!!!Total price 75€!!!!!!!!!
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