WTS: Cheap NA Lvl 30 Accts - [112/112 Champs - 13 Rune Pages - SKINS]

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    I am selling a few Lvl 30 NA accts and can screen share it if you want to see the exact details. We will be using a and split the cost, or you will have to go first. I have had many successful trades with only positive feedback. I am also Paypal Verified. Please post here before you add me on with your details so that I may verify who you are. Don't be afraid to offer! : crunchy.one Account #1: [c/o: $40] S3 Rank: Silver III Runepages: 13 [TONS of Runes] Champions: 112/112 Skins: Akali [Crimson] Alistar [Matador] Annie [Goth] Brand [Vandal] Caitlyn [Sheriff] Cho'Gath [Nightmare] Mundo [Toxic] Ezreal [Frosted] Gangplank [Spooky] Gragas [Hillbilly Gragas] Graves [Mafia] Irelia [Aviator] Jarvan IV [Warring Kingdoms] Jax [Vandal] Jayce [Debonair] Lee Sin [Dragon Fist] Leona [Valkyrie] Malphite [Shamrock] Malzahar [Vizier] Miss Fortune [Secret Agent] Mordekaiser [Infernal] Morgana [Blackthorn] Nunu [Sasquatch] Olaf [Forsaken] Pantheon [Full Metal] Riven [Battle Bunny] Ryze [Uncle] Shen [Yellow Jacket] Sion [Warmonger] Sona [Arcade] Taric [Bloodstone] Twitch [Vandal] Vayne [Heartseeker] Vladimir [Count] Xin Zhao [Warring Kingdoms] Yorick [Pentakill] -------------------------------------------------------------------- Account #2: [c/o: $35] S3 Rank: Bronze I (soon to be Silver V) Runepages: 2 [AD/Arpen/Mpen/etc] Champions: 36 Skins: Ahri [Midnight] Alistar [Longhorn/Unchained] Annie Ashe Cassiopeia [Desperado] Ezreal [Frosted] Gangplank Garen Hecarim [Blood Knight/Reaper] Irelia [Frostblade] Jax Kayle Kennen [Arctic Ops] Kog'Maw [Jurassic] Leblanc [Prestigious] Lee Sin [Dragon Fist] Leona [Iron Solari] Maokai Master Yi Morgana Nidalee [French Maid] Nunu Olaf [Brolaf] Orianna [Bladecraft] Riven [Battle Bunny] Shen [Blood Moon] Singed Sion Sivir Sona [Arcade] Soraka Teemo [Super] Udyr [Primal] Vayne [Heartseeker] Warwick [Hyena]
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