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    Hi guys, im Diamond I player, and i offer cheap boosting, im open for all kind of boosting or teaching lessons for adc,mid,top and jungle, i can boost on both EU servers , russian servers too. I'm offering couching and helping wirh runes, masteries too Status: AVAILABLE 15% DISCOUNT !!! PRICE FROM DIVISION TO DIVISION 11€ Bronze V - Bronze IV 12€ Bronze IV - Bronze III 14€ Bronze III - Bronze II 15€ Bronze II - Bronze I 18€ Bronze I - Silver V 14€ Silver V - Silver IV 17€ Silver IV - Silver III 18€ Silver III - Silver II 19€ Silver II - Silver I 27€ Silver I - Gold V 17€ Gold V - Gold IV 21€ Gold IV - Gold III 23€ Gold III - Gold II 24€ Gold II - Gold I 32€ Gold I - Platinum V Also i can boost diamond write to me if you are intrested ; ) PRICE PACKAGE FROM DIVISION TO DIVISION 65€ Bronze Bronze V - Silver V 90€ Silver Silver V - Gold V 110€ Gold Gold V - Platinum V If you already have some LP-s, I make discount for the current division. If you get low amount of LP-s per game, I will have to raise prices.(specialy for veteran badge and division one, coz ppl with this got like +1LP after reach 90 LP) If I lose the game, until I win again games are for free If you want only few games win, contact me on my and we can talk abour prices. I accept only paying by paypal. You can pay me before every game or however we make deal if you are afraid that Im some scammer. Contact me ONLY via my (im online always): others1delol Here is my profile Also if you got friend on same tier who wants to be boosted too (so i can go duo with my friend, we are both diamond players) then i want to give you special prices) U will find Vouches under My games 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 6. 7. Vouches : ) Spoiler: 1.Quote: Originally Posted by Repzy23 He played 3 vouch games for me! 1st: He played Xin in jungle role with good ganks, smartly moves. 2nd: He played Tristana in ad carry role. He carried the whole game. 3rd: He played Ezreal also as the ad carry. He carried this too. I can vouch him! Good booster! Totally recommended! 2.Quote: Originally Posted by Sunline +1 for this guy ! 3.Quote: Originally Posted by johngregor Totally recommend. Skilled player. Trusted and friendly. Got QUADRA KILL 1vs4 with the Jax. ++++ 4.Quote: Originally Posted by Sunline Was playing duo with him so nice guy easy wins and he is rly good trusted friendly and cheap grow up my elo i'm happy coz i gave him my order 5.Quote: Originally Posted by xtarsia Doing some work for me now, so far so good! 6.Quote: Originally Posted by xtarsia He's done a great job Finished fast, and was polite too. Payment - Methods : I'm only accepting Paypal. Payment must be send as a gift. I accept any currency (€, $, L...). Contact me ONLY via my (im online always): others1delol Thanks, and I look forward to helping you out of ELO Hell!
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