WTS Chars + items on l2 reloaded

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    ALL FOR 25 EUROS!!!!!!!! Pm me and we can exchange or something: Adventurer lvl 80 (very close to 81) Angel slayer with very nice augment. Tat set some with + 100kk aa+ A lot of mats(enough to craft a few s grade weaps) A lot of enchanted skills on this char Doomcryer lvl 81 I think there are just basics on this char like homu acu, karmian set, lux jewels set and 5kk or something. SH 79 with HE 72 sub: DC robe set, homu acu, lux jewel set some other stuff. Hi just some more details about some of the chars: I have soul sep +3 aswell The tat neck and 1 tat ear is +3 If you are seriously interested in Adventurer char I can give you a list of his enchanted skills(A lot of good ones) I have 900+ S crys on char The augment is: momentarily paralyzes your target during a physical attack.Its a very nice augment that works with physical skills aswell as normal hits.Its great for PvP and PvE.It have a very high land rate. I have almost 40k blanks scrolls over 100kk aa If you really are interested I can make the char lvl 81 for you. I can change password of chars for you(not the ee though) A few random a grade items. love you load of mats, if you are interested in a particular one just leave a post.For example I have:almost 600 mold lub over 2.5k CBP almost 1k SOPS Only accepting paypal Euros.I am also now interested in a trade for dex 4x chars/items.And l2 elixir. Almost 16k animal bones Over 2.5k CBP Almost 1k Sops Almost 13k animal skins 18k threads Almost 5k varnish Over 5k metallic fibres Over 5k suedes ALmost 600 mold lub almost 100 mold glue Almost 250 mold hardener Almost 1250 leathers. Ask me for other mats.
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