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    WTS FEOH (DARK ELF) 96,32% seraph robe set 3x60 Bound apo retributer+4+300 Seraph jewelry immortal robe set + some r jewelry for sub immortal leather set for wynn sub SUBS: 85 wynn on dual, spoiler, phantom ranger char is noblesse, has short, nice name. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OTHELL ROGUE 91 (dark elf female) TW light set + 3 all 3x60 tw jewelry +3 Unfortunatly broke dual apo dagger + 6 so for now char got single handed r grade dagger with focus +4 150 atri ( dmg with skills is higher then with dual apo+6) IN WH WHOLE SERAPH SET +3/4 one subclass - phantom summoner around 60 lvl 40 EURO SOLD!!!!!!!!!! Wynn 90 (elf male) all 3 immortal sets - robe, light, heavy r grade mage blunt immo, tw jews 30 EURO PM for details - money via pay pal also possible to pay in adena IG
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.