WTS: Characters lvl 55-60 full Elyos NCSOFT Kahrun Server

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    Selling NCSOFT account: aion Reason for selling: last semester in school, I won't play the game anymore. SORC LVL60 : very geared (main) AP: 384,403 Kinah : 81m+ Mithril medals : 93 Augmented eternal 60 tunic and pants Gear: Full Elite 50+10 = MA 1740 MB 2650 with casting speed gloves, to match it. Tome: Elite 60 Eternal Tome +10 (main) 1% 3670 magical fire damage god stone (full MB, combine with ATK speed tome) 55 PVP Fabled Tome +10 - 1% 3670 magical earth damage (nice animation) (was gotta put MA on it never did) Mir agent tome +10 : silence godstone FULL PVP Eternal PVP Set. LVL 55 , tunic +5, pants +3 rest +1 full MR 2200+ with the right tome. LVL 2 condition FULL PVP Eternal set LVL 60 Gorgon Set, (Gloves are karvo due +8 crit spell) all +1 full MA 2000MA + with the right tome. LVL 2 condition. Karvo lvl 60 PVP HAT FULL eternal 55 accessories, neck, earrings rings and belt. Wings: Karhun wings, and lucky wings Augmented eternal 60 tunic and pants items: all veteran rewards up until 26 months. Crucible tokens : 50k+, 2k courage. Master Alchemist, he have all alchemy pots, including Fine recovery potion, and fine recovery serum. fine mana serum, fine life serum, all scrolls and many weapons to craft Expert Tailor. Both Stigma Tree completed. extras: 1 % fire damage godstone 3670 in the warehouse Red Devil : BUFF pet: Food , drink and 2 scrolls, many other pets too. Spiritmaster: LVL 59 weapons: Stomwind tome and stormwind orb Elite 40 +10 complete set EC PVP 55 set +1 condition one expert armorsmithing only for miragents she didn’t finish pauldrons part 55 pvp accessories eternal, 2 rings, belt one earring chanter lvl 56: PVE stigma complete. full miragents with weapon. master alchemist, she have FEEBA sushi roll fabled recipe and many others from balaur lvl 60 including MR balaur food fabled all fabled PVE gear. cleric : lvl 56 55 EC PVP weapon LVL 2 Condition: ALL MR 10% 188 godstone. 55 EC PVP shield lvl 2 condition : ALL MR 55 EC PVP LVL1 : ALL MR ARMOR ACCESSORIES ALL PVE, 1 PVP eternal 55 earring glad: lvl 40 but he have full armor miragent due an event , extendable lvl 35+ 10 spear. all toons have: 1- Golden nyanco - Alarm pet 1-fortune porgus - produce enchants 1- water griffo - 18 slots pack pet, produces aether, and alarm pet. 1- lucky wings: eternal 1- many crowns and platinum medals, revival stones. pm for negociation. Thanks pm here or add me in : vorka123
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