WTS Characters - 63m Nyx pilot / 62m Anshar pilot / 52m Sub-Cap PvP pilot

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    WTS 63m+ SP Thanatos/Nyx pilot Positive security status. 5mil+ SP in Leadership (Fleet Command 4) Gallente Carrier 5 Logistics 5 Command Ships 4 Covert Ops 4 Recon 4 Only Titan skillbook away from Erebus capable! WTS 62m+ SP Prober/Logistics/Jump Freighter pilot Perfect support character for any occasion Positive security status Jump Freighters 4 (Anshar included) Can fly all cruiser class ships Max probing skills (all Astrometric skills 5, CovOps 5) 5 datacore agents (plus 5bil~ ISK in research points) 11m+ SP in Science (R&D capable) Cybernetics 5 Wing Command 5 (Warfare skills 5, Link Specialist 4) Battlecruisers 5 Logistics 5 (Guardian, Scimitar, Oneiros, Basilisk) 5mil SP in Navigation, Electronics & Engineering HAC 4 WTS 52m+ SP Amarr/Minmatar/Gallente Sub-cap PVP pilot Positive security status 18m+ SP in Gunnery 9m SP in Drones Amarr/Minmatar/Gallente BS 5 HAC 5 (Zealot, Muninn, Ishtar) Interdictors 5 (Sabre, Heretic, Eris) All characters have reputable corporation histories and sensible names (Capitalisation, no numbers, proper spacing ie. no "xxXW33dPr3sidentFr33domloverXxx"). All characters also have at least a 95% ISK efficiency on eve-kill killboard. Assets management will be left to handle by the buyer. E-mail offers to [email protected] Delivery within 24h
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.