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    Hi to All I want to sell my char on L2-Divinity So let's start. Char Base Class: Eva's Saint 85lvl 100% Enchanted Skill on Eva's Saint: Mana Burn +30(power),Major Heal +30(cost),Major Group Heal +30(cost),Trance +30(Chance), Block Wind Walk +15(chance), Arcane Wisdom +15(power),Robe Mastery +30(Magic Defense),Anti Magic+29(power),Boost Mana +11(Power),Fast Spell Casting +30(Power),Fast Mana Recovery +26(power),Wisdom +15(power),Health +10(power),Divine Lore +15(power),Wind Shacle +30(Chance) Also i have and Buffs ++ Resist Poison +10(cost),Mental Shield +10(cost),Shield +10(cost),Holy Wepon +10(cost),Regeneration +10(cost),Might +10(cost),Kiss Of Eva +10(cost),Concentration +10(cost),Decrease Weight +10(cost), Ressist Shock +30(power),Wild Magic +11(cost),Divine Protection +10(cost),Arcane Protection +10(cost),Propercy OF Wather +15(Decrease Penalty),Unholy Ressistation +30(power),Clarity +30(power), Sub Class: Mystic Muse 85lvl 62.09% Enchanted Skills: Hydro Blast +30(power),Elemental Symphony +16(duel),Ice Vortrex +15(chance),Light Vortrex +10(chance),Aura Flash +29(chance),Ice Vortrex Crusher +15(power),Ressist Aqua +10(power),Freezing Skin +30(Deffense),Arcane Power +10(power),Fast Spell Casting +10(power),Arcane Roar +12(power) Another Sub: Cardinal 82lvl Enchanted Skill: don't have. Next Sub: Forthune Seeker: 81lvl Enchanted Skills: Don't Have Quests:All quest for Epics,Dynasty,Moirai,Vesper,Nobless Quest done.(char is nobless) Certificate: Emergenty Abillity -Deffense lvl6,Master Abillity - Casting Lvl 1,Knight Abillity - Deffense lvl 1,Summoner Abillity - Spirit lvl 1. Items in Char: Vesper Buster - Cleverness(acumen) +4 +300(earth)Vesper Noble Tunic +6 Full Attributted,arround 2kkk. WareHouse: Alot Mats and parts for Vesper,moirai armor wep jewels . Payment Methods: Only PayPal. Prize 30Euro!
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