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    hello guys....i am not sure if i am in right topic....anyway if i am wrong i hope administrators will transfer my topic to the right... ^^ i have a charachter in this server "L2Dreams-Luna" x50 is one of the best in this server..... my class is Hell Knight (tank human) my skills +15-17.. there is so hard to make + items + skills and others..the ppl were playing there , they know =) server is open for more than 2 years ( Stadar ever online server ) it has good pvp , funny sieges and others... there i have already a good name as the best tank with good items.... thats the point.... +10 Ancient Heavy set / +20 baium antharas valakas zaken ant queen / x3 +25 lvl 7 weapons...and A grade gears ( a lot of auguments....maybe all the needed auguments for a tank) also i have all the thinks tha a tank need.... i am was hero 14 times ( heroes there every 2 weeks) my history is good and i am was in the top clan.. i will show u some photoes if u interesting , with my char... Here long time ago...when i am was hero.. lineage2dreams/ Here 1 day ago.... i lost hero cuz i am was borring to reg...oly in this serv is on a grade...my gear is too good +17pvp.. > here the site of the server.... ( if u wanna check the prise of my items cost.... will be a big difference because i give my char real cheap) if u wanna some fun just communicate with me =) my mail is [email protected] / my a8an4t0s my name in l2dreams is "UpSideDown" hmmmm.....! please the ppl who will buy it do not remove this history hehehe i mean about playerup.... they scare when they see this tank at playerup =) too strong hah! thanks...! here u will see something more about my char.... many friends....hero buffs ( i mean old buffs that u can get so easy..cuz if u buy my char i give 8 hell knight feeders) lvl 85 x3 rebirth (rebirth is a custom of this server....u will find more infos about it in site.....and my auguments..a lot (if u see my bar i got all the needed) , here the server got 3 difference playerup.... Hunter Deathmatch...Hunter Battles... Coliseum.... very interesting..... sometimes got a competitions of those playerup.... Hunter Deathmatch Competitiom.... Hunter Battles Competition and Coliseum Competition... normal playerup u can use whatever...but got difference at competitions...there u can use only s grade items....not allowed potions , auguments..... my s grade set is pvp... and my weapon s too....it's very hard to make all of those items... thanks...!
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