WTS: Chanter lvl 55, EU Spatalos

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion, 3/26/12.

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  1. Aion

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    Chanter lvl 55

    Full set lvl 50 elite AP Set
    socketed with full attack 5 plus crit strike 17
    pvp eternal accesories Abyss 55
    staff with general gs

    + Full SW eternal set, socketed with white mans
    + full gold chain SW set, socketer with HP 95

    Cooking 541
    Essencetapping 254

    account have over 1 bilion kinah
    all stigmas, buff tree and also dps tree
    40plats, something over 100k ap, lots of bal mat, pots, scrolls, bag pets.
    2 plastic surgery tickets

    PM me if u re interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.