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    Selling my Asmodian chanter on Perento. Have not been playing for some months. Master Korie Staff Noble Coliseum Champions Shakujo (Eternal with condition 2) (Both weapons empty) Extendable combined with 50 non elite AP (Low blue dmg godstone, low enchant) Both earrings 55 eternal AP Necklace 55 eternal AP Ring 55 eternal AP 2nd ring 50 gold AP Belt gold pve 50 Jotun worthy hat, gold 50 elite set with green manastones (3/5 +10, the rest is ~6) Armor has nice remodel + have master craft skin No guild 300k~ AP + 950k~ in relics 104 Platinum Medals (Not all fortress dailys finished) 935mil Kinah (Got some more stuff worth selling like manastones, 188 20% GS, many materials, reset CD on instances scrolls) 2 Increase manastone socket success eternal items 19k Crucible Insignias 754 Courage Insignias 125 Crusader Tokens 352 Essence tapping 483 Aether tapping (Expert, can gather magical aether) 449 Armorsmithing 500 Handicrafting 49 SM alt on same server 170k AP + 240k Bad gear but nice tradeable remodel and (untradeable) dyes. All platinum medals from veteran rewards + More stuff to sell 40~ Templar and some lvl 1s with veteran rewards claimed in time. Paypal. The gear isnt perfect but im not in a rush to sell it. Prefer if you email or msg me on ***************************************************** but PM works too. Now also selling the kinah seperately!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.