WTS: Champion epic LOTRO account (EU Gilrain). Top stats, top gear, lots of gold! PREMIUM!

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    Lately I found myself in that place where I'm no longer interested playing games, so I decided to pass my Champion (female) to someone who will be able to continue it's legacy I've spent almost two years working on him (with some breaks) and it's one of the best on the server with great gear, good legacies etc. So let's start listing. I have bought all expansions (MoM + SoM), it's premium account, that means to get full access You either need to be a subscriber or buy a lifetime subscription (I'm not even sure they offer that anymore). FORTUNATELY... as from next big update (Isengard is due next fall) all areas will be free and available without any payments. So it's only for a few months. I have bought some areas: Enedwaith (for new OG raid), Misty Mountains (for old Thorog raid) and Lone Lands (Garth Agarwen) for Turbine Points, so You are safe for top lever raiding if You want. Female champion, lvl 65, Tinker, (Supreme Master Jeweler, Prospector and Cook) ALL traits are at rank 10. There is ~300g in cash Kindred with all fractions except The Eldgang (in the Rift) Kindred with Jewelers Guild. Rank 5 in the moors. Rank 1 stalker (on the creep side) Completed Fishing. Deluxe House in the Shire. 5700 Shards (for relic forging) 22k DP. 11 different horses - only two I bought, one at 35 lvl back in Shadows of Angmar (basic steed) and Steed of Night for some TP. Rest is either for completing meta deeds or bartered with multiple fractions. 1 meta deed Goat (Nimble Black Goat for completing "Saviour of Moria" deed) Purchased rank 5 on all stats for TP (+50 to all: Might/Agi/Vit/Fate/Will) Mentored with most instruments in game, can play anything You like. Many new emotes acquired. Completed over 500 deeds all over the world incl. all class epic skills, most of areas are cleared, there is only few areas where there is actually some deeds LEFT to complete But more of that later... Some specific of my toon: Might - 634 Agility - 540 Vitality - 616 Will - 164 Fate - 214 Max Morale - 7063 Max Power - 2054 Melee Offence - 9460 (+26.8% damage deal , +46.8% in Fervour Stance!) Melee Critical Hit - 3221 (11.1% hit chance) Incoming Healing +12.1% Gear: x2 x2 Maxed out 2-nd Age Sword: +15% Wild Attack Damage (t6) +15% Brutal Strikes Damage (t6) +10% Area of Effect Damage (t6) +30s Sudden Defence Duration (t6) -12s Reduced cooldown for Battle Frency (t5) +11 Vitality (t4) Maxed out 2-nd age Rune: +Stun duration +Adrour/Glory Parry+Evade bonus +Bracing Attack Heal +Adamant/Invincible duration +Rend Pulses -Ardour/Glory pip interval Rune needs working on legacy tiers, I only just replaced them and they vary from T2 to T6. Both sword and rune has got new T6 Extraordinary Settings slotted + Symbol of Battle. In the vault there is some more: -2 more pieces of Dragon-Scale armour -4 pieces of Blademaster Armour (Watcher) -Boots of the Lady's Power (DN) -Algraig Heavy shield of Resilience + Rangers Token of Resilience (mini set) -Stonehelm Shield (from Moors) -2 Glowing Aurate Hoop of Combat -1 Angechor -many mats for crafting (mainly for jewels) -Dull, Glimmering, Luminous and 1 Brilliant Spirit Stone (was farming for a Moors bracelet, need 2 more Brilliant Stones). Mind that Brilliant Spirit Stone is very expensive so it may be turned into ~80g in desperate need. -some barter reputation items from many fractions -few replacement scrolls for weapon/rune Now, I've completed most of the dirty work doing deeds, but You can finish just a few and get supreme rewards for it: -Need killing Thorog and Thaach to complete "Saviour of Eriador" for Dunedan War-Steed -Need few Trolls and Orcs in DN to complete "Saviour of Lothlorien" deed for Wild Mountain-Goat -Need all 2 bosses in BG to complete "Saviour of Mirkwood" deed for Galadhrim War Steed This are actually most priced Mounts in game, You only need to put Your hand on it, and grab them, I've done all other deeds for You!! That's most detailed description I could provide. I'm quitting a game and looking for someone to carry out what I was doing; a lot has been completed and I've worked very very hard for it. The price is £300/EUR340. I do not take Paypal due to too many scams around. I prefer bank transfer or Western Union. PM me for details
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