WTS: Champion 85 on Vilya, Rank 9, Almost full best geared, More than 6000G

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    Want to sell my champion. He's level 85 and has almost best possible gear available in the game. Every single virtue is 16+, not only that I usually trait. Of course he has First ages LIs, DW Sword for PVE and 2H for PVP. In the Wallet is more than 6000 G atm and property in the vault has value at least 4000 G i think. Bought expansions - Moria, Mirkwood, Isengard and Rohan. Other areas are free available for VIP, so if you subscribe, you can have access everywhere. Also have more then 4000 TP, so if you dont want subscribe you can buy lots of areas for that. Champion has every Tomes rank 8 - that's +80 to every stat. Has gear for tanking too, so haven't play just dps role and can off tank or tank sometimes. What actually miss are tanking LIs with tanking relics, but that's only because i hadn't ever consider it for important. In the vault are still FA symbols and has there really lots of shards to make relics, if you really want to have LIs for tanking. Champion was my main character but have there also captain level 22 and 2 creeps. Warg rank 4 (audacity 11), WL rank 5 but with full audacity and bought every traits even that for rank 13,15. Only miss few skills. I'm going to post screens tomorrow. If there is something particular, you'd like to know, let me know and I'll definitely tell you. Looking to get $300 but I am able to fix it for serious offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.