WTS: Caldari Pilot

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    As title says, wts Caldari pilot, the account is closed at the moment ( can be opened for those 4 h to buy a plex ) In evemon i see that i have 46.7 mill SP ( can be just 46, i know the character was training for some large guns t 2 when it got closed ) Points of interest : 2.4 mil in electronic 7 mil in engineering 14.3 mil in gunnery 8.7 mil in missile launch op 1.6 mil in science ( scanning ) 6.9 mil in spaceship commnad 1.3 mil in subsistem and rest to 46 is in drones, industry, leadership, navigation... I can provide screens with the skill points. Can fly: Nighthawk, Sleipnir ( command ships ); Caldari BS ofc; Caldari & minmatar HAC; Tengu; Assault ships , cover ops, ceptors from caldari and minmatar; Account comes with Tengu, Munnin, Vaga, ceptors from minmatar and caldari. Willing to sell this for 450 $ moneybookers or payza. Exclude paypal. Thx for taking your time to read this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.