[WTS] Bladedancer/saggi on L2cleaver

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    Class:BD, sub saggi Status: Nobless Gear: Draconic set +4,3,3,3 Draconic Bow Focus +8 (augment Passive P.atk) Tatt jewels +3,3,3,3,3 500kk Adena 1.5bil worth in items Another Account Class: Tyrant, MS Status: Nobless Gear: Blue wolf set +8,8,8,8 Demonic splinters Health (augment Active BTB) Draconic Bow +3 Selling both accounts, can also sell the items (without augments then ofc) Mail Offers MACHINE Intel Bi Xeon E5606 2x4x2.13+ GHz 2x 8 MB L2 - QPI 2x 4.8 GT/sec RAM 24 GB DDR3 ECC HDD 2x 3TB - SATA3 Internet 1Gbps Quest no Need for Class change Quest no Need for Subclass Noblesse questable/buyable Buffs/Buff Time - 1h NPC Buffer normal NPC Buffer shemes Mana potions All caste/clan hall work Skills 100% working Dualbox is allowed. Flawless geodata GM Shop up to B-Grades GM Shop trading SealStones Global Gatekeeper Olympiad period : 2 weeks Olympiad min players: 9 (Non-Classed) Olympiad min players: 5 (Classed) Autolearn skills NPC changing classes Merchant of Mammon in town Blacksmith of Mammon in town Max buff amount: 30 (+4) Friendly GM Staff Regular updates GM playerup Vote rewards : Vote Coins Enchant rate: 66% Player's spawn protect: 15 sec Antibot system Anti L2Walker/L2Net system RateXp = 30 RateSp = 30 RatePartyXp = 1,5 RateDropItems = 20 RateSpoilItems = 15 RateRaidDropItems = 7 RateQuestDrop = 10 EnchantMaxWeapon = 16 EnchantMaxArmor = 16 EnchantMaxJewelry = 16
Thread Status:
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