WTS: Best Pve Dt for sale on fury server

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    Pvp 3(although low on pvp level it can destroy anybody in pvp with good hands read on ) dt Has almost full aa . Has full black dragon . Has 2 parts from t4 and 180 14 relics so you can buy t4 items at will from shop . Has 500 gold . Has 2 quill of ibis . Has 4 t3 crafted weapons yes 4 t3 crafts - Hammed of Maniacle harm 1hb , talisman t3 craft , krakensbane ( crossbow ) , waning boundary ( shield ) . This account also has mats available for 1 more t3 craft including the the 22 shards and rare mats . Has all sets from khitai . Full summoners magic damage tos set . Full tamarin tigers set . Full wolf set . Has some t3 weapons(like bolts and shard-blade of wrall) too . Has about 210 t3 relics too . Has all epic accessories from thoth amon and dungeons magic damage melee damage and defensive . Right now I am full with summoners . Almost full with Yellow priests of yun and brittle blade . Also full with wolfs and tigers . I have a tiger mount too along with an armored horse and a simple horse Full ll prot set . Had to delete commanders and ll hate since no slot in inventory but not fully still have some parts from ll hate and commanders heavy set . Can show images on demand . have some alts to too which are fairly hi standard . Like bs which has good aa and almost full yag kosha( two purshasable parts missing ) set and hammer from . Has barb full t3 / khitai with t3 axe and t2 dt blades and good aa . Since this account is 4 years old so on the barb i have so over 500 veteran points so you could literally level up any 2 factions in a second . Unfortunately I have used up most veteran points on dt and Bs with dt having just under 100 veteran and bs a little more . Then i also have a conq who has some t2 gear and aa . I have pom 80 with aa and cultural gear . I have demo at 80 and poor gear and aa . I have guard which around 55 and 16 offlines available . But the true attraction here is my dt . You wont find a similar dt for sale . I emphasize the 180 t4 relics and 2 parts that is prot shoulder and prot boots t4 already owned along with 4 t3 crafted weapons . I need good amount for this account . Please email me at [email protected] for quotations and ill keep you guys updated oh yeah and any particular images can be shown on demand since they are so many and my image link expires in 24 hours so its better to show them on request . My dt is on fury . Serious buyers contact me on the above address . Moreover this account has about 3 months of game time left and all expansions purchased to date
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