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    I am thinking about selling my neverwinter account but am unsure if I want to as of yet. Basically entertaining offers at this point and will think about it over the next day or so.

    All characters on the account are on the DRAGON server.


    Level 60 Wizard 11181 Gear Score (Full tier 2 magelord set, best ins lot weapon and offhand, best in slot jewelry except missing 1 ring upgrade, best in slot shirt and pants, almost all tier 7 enchants, cat with almost all best in slot gear and tier 7 enchants, greater plaguefire weapon enchant)

    Level 60 Guardian Fighter 14343 Gear Score (Full tier 2 grand regents set, best in slot weapon and offhand, best in slot shirt and pants, almost all tier 7 enchants in gear. greater plague fire weapon enchant)

    Level 27 Great Weapons Fighter

    Currency: 21 million astral diamonds with an additional 20 million in items on the AH that should be sold within the next few days. Account should have 40+ mil at the time of sale. This amount of AD could be exchanged for 80,000 zen AT MAXIMUM EXCHANGE RATE. That is to say, this much AD is worth a minimum of $800 in zen, given the current exchange rate of 350 AD/zen its worth 1142 dollars, and i expect rates to continue to drop.

    Over 800 seals of the drake

    Over 100 gold

    A combined 25k glory between the wizard and guardian.

    over 200 ashes of the past for use with the Castle Never vendor when its added to the game.


    Wizard has level 20 tailoring with over 45 dragon eggs (currently costing over 100k AD each) 2 grandmaster tailors, 4 epic assets.

    Both of these characters are insanely decked out and you won't find this much AD on virtually any account. My guardian fighter is unstoppable in PvP, i have never lost a 1v1, its just insanely strong with the gear he has. Wizard is also amazingly strong in PvP. I've cleared every dungeon in the game on the wizard. These are basically two of the best geared characters in the game right here. Also the account has the armored bear mount which costs 4000 zen unlocked.

    PLEASE PM ME OFFERS HERE ON and post! thanks!

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    Album of a few SS can be found here: ImageShack Album - 5 images



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