WTS: BEST geared tank GF in the game. server : Mindflayer

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    I am selling my account because im moving to a another game.

    Anyways this account has the absolute best gear that is currently possible to get , even on Companion which has ancient 3 items also.

    I am using Tier 1 set for Guardian fighter because of the very strong set bonus which gives 25% of ur max hp to power that is total of 7,6k power extra on hit.

    I made the calculations and tier 2 sets doesn't come even close to being this good as the t1 set .

    You gain 250 extra def 100 rec and 100 reflect if u take t2 set but lose around 6500 power.

    Eventho thet2 set will give u around 2000 more gearscore.

    Main and offhand are from Nevercastle last boss .

    Now to enchants.

    On char equip i have rank 7 azure enchants in defense slots. Rank 7 silvery enchants in offense slot.

    And since with utility u gain only small amount of moving speed i have rank 4 movement ones in them.

    And as for companion , i have 3x rank 7 runestones as you can see.

    Neck has rank 7 silvery enchant inside. Waist and ring have rank 4 azure enchantment inside them.

    If you put on the rank 7 azure inside the pet you will be the strongest Guardian fighter in the game.

    Anyways I am not looking much for it because i believe the right price will make it next to impossible to sell.

    PS : I want to use MM or i will go first to a very trusted person and i will make the decision if i go first or not.

    If i do not find u trusted enough there wont be any arguement , we simply use MM then.

    I can also meet you ingame so you can inspect me and u will see the exact items i have and enchantments since i am not going to make 20 pictures . There is no autobuy but if i like the offer i will sell it to you.

    Here are pictures OF the account.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.