WTS Best Elyos Sorc on Server Thor (EU - Official) ( 1 2)

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    hey, today you get the chance to get the best elyos sorc on the official eu server Thor. No im not kidding... well lets get straight to the char: Gear: full lvl 55 Eternal abyss set +10 (sockeled with magic resist +14 / tp +95 gems) 2x lvl 55 Eternal abyss Earrings 2x lvl 55 Eternal abyss Rings 1x lvl 55 gold abyss belt (better then the eternal because of the concentration) 1x lvl 55 gold abyss necklace 1x noble elegant corundum glasses (crafted - best magicresist / magicboost / hp headgear) Weapons: 1x Stormwing Book +10 merged with the lvl 50 non elite pvp book (+10% pvp dmg) - sockeled with magical accuracy +14 and 1% 3760 Fire dmg Godstone (the tradeable gold one = other skin) 1x Master Carved Book +0 merged with the lvl 50 elite pvp book (+10% pvp dmg and +16% cast speed) also sockeled with magical accuracy +14 my plan for the weapons are this: once i get enough platin medals to get the lvl 55 eternal abyss book to merge with the master carved book i sockel the stormwing book on magic boost to be the "DMG weapon". the master carved will stay on Magical Accuracy to be the "u cant resist me book" (which is the BEST weapon in game). Important Character information: the character has about 1.5 Billion Kinah (1.500.000.000) he has about 120 platin medals he has about 320 daily token (u can change for ap) he has about 80 weekly token (u can change to daily token for ap) he has tons of crafted potions (instant tp, ticking tp, ticking mp, ticking hp+mp, flight potions, cure potions) hes master in alchemy (means u can craft all pots rolls etc) and expert in tailoring he has about 410.000 (410k) ap "cash" and about 200.000 (200k) ap in items he got about 1000x 1k hp abyss pots (= 1million ap) and flight / mana pots which about 100k ap he still has his old lvl 50 elite pvp set +10 (sockeled on tp) in the storeage he has the beshmundir gold set sockeled on magic boost as PvE set he also have tons of other stuff like gold / silver medals, alchemy craft materials, miragent set and weapon +10 with general 1% 3760 dmg godstone, and so on.... also on this account is a lvl 50 gladiator twink with awesome gear for fun in beluslan and lower dredgion Gear: lvl 40 elite pvp set +10 full lvl 50 pvp accessory set lakhanes head gear extendable lvl 50+10 triorans pole with a silence gs and lvl 30 elite pvp merge gladiator has cook as job so he can make bufffood and stuff the gladiator still has the officier quest done and still the 5% 8 second silence godstone in his storage. he also has his general quest done and can choose which godstone u want to pick, for example: 1% 3760 dmg (quest done - reward open) the account is a collectors account and has every month award screenshot: if you have any questions just pm me ps: im german so sorry for my bad english ;(
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