WTS: Barbarian 9 pvp+BS 7 pvp and more alts

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    Wts account-server Fury characters- 1.Barbarian- 80 lvl 9 pvp lvl(21%).PVE gear-80% T.Tigers 20% brittle blade+t3 and t2(+cloak of Vile Nativity).Pvp Gear-full t2+t3(ring+necklace+cloak).Weapons-2h ibis t2 axe 1h t4 sword +1h t2 pvp sword.Fine AA.very mutch minitokens. 2.BS -80 lvl 7 pvp lvl(65%).Pve gear-t4(4 items|1 big)+Yagg Kosha(+ various cloak).PVP gear-full t2(+ring necklace cloak).Weapons-t3 crafted(Sogoth) + 2hb from Lu zhi|Keira.Full Pve AA and fine pvp AA.350+miniokens.1 tear of dragon. 3.Guard- 80 lvl 5 pvp.PVE GEAR -t2+ Khitai(+cloak from aggro of Vile Nativity).Pvp Gear-t1 big|t2 small.Weapons-T2 Pve Pole + t3 Pve sword.not good AA(30%).Very mutch minitokens(300+). 4.Ranger-3 pvp.Quest weapons+Khitai blue items+t1 pve.20% AA 70+ minitokens 5.Conq-full pve AA+ nice Pvp AA.500+ minitokens(enough to t2 Pvp Full set) 6.Sin-20% aa Price offer, listen to tratatunsanek. Also give all your screens. More old account (CBT 550 veteran tokens.) I am the only owner
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.