WTS Barb PVP8 + Alts [Fury]

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    Account contains 5x80 chars (Account no longer active) -Guardian -Dark Templar -Barbarian (Main) -Tempest of Set -Conqueror All characters on EU Fury server. Rise of the Godslayer & Savage Coast of Turan included DT,Guard have pretty good trees with major perks unlocked All alts have decent gear a mix of T1/T2/Rare World Epics(Can't be found anymore)/Khitai Epics Veteran account (All sort of fluff bonuses included: Early access, xp potions, pre-orders etc.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barbarian (Main) -PVP lvl 8 (Overall Well Geared for PVP) -Contains around 100g+/- in cash -A lot of khitai epics -T2 raid gear (Weapons/Armor) -A mix of Bori/Minigame gear -Tiger Mount -Armored Horse Mount -High Rankings with RotGS factions (r3,4) -Nearly a k/d of 2 -Contains all the mats required to create an ibis weapon -An extremely advanced AA tree with all the Major Perks unlocked -Unlocked Access to all raiding/dungeon instances -Maxed Armorsmith -Large amounts of different tokens/relics (Bori/Marks of Acclaim etc etc.) Listed all the information I could think of. PM me if you require any additional information or want to make an offer. Can also email me at [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.