WTS Assasin lvl 60 or Trade for a lvl 55+ ranger on Telemachus, Elyos!

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    Lvl 60 Assasin gear : ~ Kahrun hat. ~ Tiamat Protectorate doublet 6 slot, 6x crit strike+14. ~ Tiamat Protectorate breeches +1 ,5slot , 5xAttack+5. ~ Tiamat Protectorate shoes +1, 5 slot, 5xattack+3. ~ Tiamat protectorate spaulders , 6 slot, 6x attack+5. ~ Tiamat protectorate gauntlets +1, 5 slot , 5x attack+3. Accessories ~Raksha's Corundum ring. ~Anurati's Corundum ring. ~Kucharan's belt. ~Tiamat guard's Corundum ring. ~Hidden manor Corundum necklace. ~Storm wing's. Weapons: Pve: ~Vasharti dagger+5, 5 slot,5x attack+3, Godstone: 1% 1880 Fire damage. ~Master noble drenium sword+2, 5 slot, 5x attack+3, Godstone 2% 750 Fire damage. Pvp: ~2x Coliseum Champion's brand,5x attack +4, both godstone:6% 1 second stun. Warehouse/Inventory ~10k Crucible Insignia's ~500 Courage Insignia's ~18 Mithril Medals. ~450 Kahrun coins. ~Loads of balic Materials and other materials. ~Token of variaty. ~50 Legion coins. ~Greater supplements Eternal x 100. ~Godstone: 2% 5seconds paralyze. ~Godstone 2% 940 Wind damage. ~Level 60 pvp Jerkin. ~Random stuff: Manastones, Enchantmentstones,Balic relics (20k AP), Skins , Stigma's Extra information: ~Level 6 veteran. ~863.551 AP. ~Mount: Sharptooth barbtail. (Aion shop). Contact: Leave a comment! Or add me on ; Bryan.s5! P.S: Payment with paypal and Ranger lvl 55+ (decent geared)!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.