WTS: asmodian lvl55 sorcerer + lvl55 cleric accountMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Selling asmodian sorcerer char(main) and cleric(alt) on server PerentoEU.

    Sorc is equipped with:
    -lvl50 elite pvp set socketed with magic boost and magic accuracy (not all parts +10) (gold)
    -lvl55 Noble colloseum champion pvp set socketed with magic resist (not +10)
    -lvl55 archon primus pilus tome +11 combined with debilkarim tome(attack spped 19%) (gold)
    -lvl55 pvp accesiries (eternal + gold)
    -150,000 AP, 55million kinah, 2 year old account and all veteran rewards used

    Cleric is equiped with
    -lvl40 Elite pvp set (not all parts +10) (gold)
    -pvp + pve accesories
    -siel dominant mace and beshmundir shield

    Both chars have a lot of potions and scrolls for mana, HP, running speed, fly speed, cast speed...

    gathering and crafting:
    -essence 460
    -aether 499
    -alchemy 501
    -armory 450

    For any information or screenshots of gear you can contact me here or PM
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.