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    Hello, I've gotten really bored of aion lately, so I'm putting my templar up here for sale. I currently still play, but if I get a decent enough offer I'll have no trouble saying good bye to it. It's a level 55 Asmodian templar. Here are some screenshots of my gear sets. i.imgur/HsJvq.jpg Main pvp set (Crit/Accuracy/Block) i.imgur/46JwH.png Magic resist Pvp set (For rangers/sorcerers etc.) i.imgur/i4pKc.png Anuhart PvE set, Bit oldschool. But still works greatly for pve. (Slotted with block/Accu/Crit) i.imgur/dagHV.png Fenris set, Slotted with magic boost... I don't use it much but you can use it to play around with magical skills. The 50 AP mace, has the damage godstone of the general quest. The lannok greatsword has a silence godstone, obviously. She's has cooking on 500 (Master) Weaponsmithing on 314. And has all morphing designs. Almost all Stigmas have been bought (PvP shieldburst tree) and (Pve Empyrean Providence) tree build. Also has the Stormwings. It's also subbed to the aion magazine and it has all emotes from the aion website. So for you fashion whores, the character has all dances and and a lot of fashion. There's some stuff in the warehouse, but not really worth mentioning. White mana stones, some ap relics, 30 selfrez stones, 10 crusader tokens, some plats, 10k EC insignias etc. Character also has a lot of rare pets, whitebeard, Boxing King Kerub, Speckled Ailu and the recently released Word of the Dead. And I haven't really done any of the platinum medal grind quest, so you can still get 120 plats+- in 2.7 from the repeatables. there's some consumables, 500 ap pots.. etcetera. Not much worth mentioning. I am the original owner of this account, and I'm a pretty chatty person. So if the account ever comes in trouble. You can just contact me and I can help you get out of it. I got all account info, all creditcards e-mails etc. ever used. Hope I informed you enough, any questions just ask. I hope you enjoy Aion more then I do. Although a templar in the right hands, is one of the most powerful classes in-game. (Transfers will be preff. through Moneybookers.) I'll shut up for now. Enjoy! Ps. I have some hacks for awesome AP and Kinah which you can also have.. if you care. :>
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