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    As the title tells you, I would like to sell my Anarchy Online account. The account is a former ARK-account, a so called "Paid for Life"-account, a full-account with all addons paid and open forever. The account contains some Twinks and one lvl 210 Trader, Omni. The free Character-Move from "Die Neue Welt" is not used yet and open, so you can transfer the Characters to RK1 or RK2, as you like. The account contains also 700 paid points and the maximal number of veteran points. Questions / Offers please via ICQ: 76898420 or Email: [email protected] Some Items I have on the account: Observant Armor Boots - QL 242 Observant Armor Sleeves - QL 250 Observant Armor Sleeves - QL 280 Observant Bots - QL 214 Combined Sharpshooter's Legwear - QL 280 Combined Commando's Sleeves - QL 300 Combined Sharpshooter's Headwear - QL 251 > Upgradeable to 300 Supple Armor Gloves - QL 208 Icy Shoulderpads of Explosive Power Cloak of the Reanimated Ranger (5/5) Notum Amplification Coil Omni-Tek Award - Exemplar Smuggled Nanite Merit Board Base Smuggled Combat Merit Board Base Omni-Tek Award - Triple Flag of Humility Side tokens collected: 839. Syndicate Brain Symbiant of the Salesman Targeting Scope - Vision Enhancer - QL 275 Sigil of Bahomet Shroud of Darkest Night Veil of the Revoked Star of Interchange Lord of Greed Lady of Envy Boots of Concourse Sleeves of Senseless Violence Armplates of Elimination Sturdy Detention Boots Dreadloch Damage Amplifier Dreadloch Stabilising Aid Virral Triumvirate Egg 2x Xan Ear Symbiant, Extermination Unit Beta Xan Chest Symbiant, Artillery Unit Beta Xan Brain Symbiant, Control Unit Beta Jobe City Guard Personal Pistol Jobe Surveyor Personal Pistol Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves 2x Experience Construct 20x Advanced Experience Construct 20x + several backpacks with buffitems, buffarmor, Lost Eden Slot-Equip...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.