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    Hi.. I am selling My anarchy Online Account. I have one 220 Doc, a 202 Shade, a 170 Nano-technician, 150 Martial Artist(Sector 10 Twink), and a few lower levels. I am looking to sell the Account, All the toons are fully Equipped and there is actually roughly 1b credits just lying around on it. One of My toons Have their Own City to farm Raids for more credits. Alot of Sellable(exspensive items) On the account as well. When you buy the account it becomes yours. I will give the account information once i recieve the Payment. I will Only Accept Cash, or Paypal Money transfer. No Money Order. SO dont E-Mail me saying you want to buy the account but you are in a different country.. .Not buying it. So if You want the Anarchy Online Account Please Give me a Call, Because All the toons are GREAT and Ready to play as soon as you re-activate the account. The game is great I am just to busy these days and would hate to see my hard work gone to waste. If you want to know anything else or have specific questions for me Just give me a call though anytime. SELLING THE ACCOUNT CHEAP ONLY $100 220 Doc- Equip- Weapons- Doc left and Right hand Pistols. Armor- Full DB armor, And BoC-Burden of Competence, DB Bracer, and Alb Bracer Symbs- Half beta's In. Haven't had the time to Full do symbs. Hud- Sense and Agi Belt. +70 I believe 202 Shade-Equip- Weapons- Two Rapiers Armor- Full 225 Combined Merc's, Slippers of Screaming on the account in Inv not equipped. Spirits- Pretty Up to Date. More Agg set up Hud- Basics that you need 150 MA-Equip- Weapons- Fists Armor- Full 223-225 Combined Merc's, Notucomm Mesh Trench Coat Symbs- 150 Awakened, Growing Symbs Hud- Good Hud Set up as Well Overall out of all of my toons these 3 are my Favs that I have put the most work into. Doc can Solo ALOT Almost anything. Great for making creds In game. Doc is Also Has All basic Key except Roch. Shade has All Basic and Sanc Keys Up to Dalja Garden. Shade is Amazing DD and MA makes great creds in Sector 10. My MA also has its own City. -Stephani- 772-812-5960 Only Call if you are interested In buying the account E-mail is Also [email protected]
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