Sold [WTS] Amazing WoW mage for swtor I have a 391 mage...

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    [WTS] Amazing WoW mage for swtor I have a 391 mage that id like to trade for a lvl 50 swtor acc. Any toon would be good especially high dps toons. leave all offers please [WTS] Any help/suggestions for a scam site? I sold some credits on mogs about a month ago and they don't want to pay me, they just keep telling me maybe next week. What can I do? any suggestions? [WTS] Anybody got something on Veela? Paying a way to much Title says it all, if you have a level 50 Empire on Veela, i'm giving a way to much for your account, let me know Texte me on : 418 929 9602 [WTS] Arsenal Bounty Hunter|3/5 Champions|1/5 Centurion|Purple Blaster! 110% mount! WOW! Full details and screen shots here: .tgs/product/swtor-lev...-arsenal-spec/ Due to lack of armory system can meet in game to show character.
    Level 50 bounty hunter with arsenal spec. (Straight Damage) 110% mount and 3/5 champions gear with 1/5 centurion gear granting him the 15% crit to rail shot bonus.
    Around 16.5k hp (which is really high for a dps specced character) and crits 3-5 k regularly which is devastating. Both implants are champions! Epic ear piece and both 52 endurance relics. champions off- hand weapon as well as epic main hand blaster with champions belt and bracers to complete the set!
    Has the highest burst out of any class and most survivability out of any dps specced character. The character has 400 expertise rating which reduces pvp damage and increases pvp damage done to other players. Not to mention an additional 25% reduced damage from his armor! Jet boost pushes everyone around back like 30 meters which is great on bridges and around fire hazards in warzones as well as being good for getting a jedi knight back away and ready for range attacks.
    Has rocket push which is melee attack and pushes the target back for 15 meters. 4 second stun along with healing scan and rapid scan for self healing! 25% damage reduction shield which is good for fighting melee and an extra...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.