[WTS] *AMAZING* level 30 USA *BETA* account 1700 ranked solo Q - MUST SEE!

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    I am finally quitting league of legends after playing it since release. The account has both Black Alistar and Gothic Annie, as well as King Rammus skin. In all, the account has 30+ skins, including 2 Legendary skins, Nunubot and Piltover Customs Blitzcrank, as well as Judgement Kayle and Jarvan IV, Urf Warwick, UFO Corki, and Workshop Nunu. The account has over 400! runes, all tier 3. Armor, magic resist, armor pen, magic pen, ability power (both flat and scaling), attack damage (both flat and scaling) GP5 quints, movespeed, exp, even energy. Needless to say, this account has MORE than any other account you will find for sale. 93 out of 99 champions owned! I am hoping to sell this account for what it is worth (please, no offers of 100$ as I won't even respond). I can send INTERESTED BUYERS screenshots, talk on or phone, and more details may be discussed later. Please reply to this with any of your questions or concerns, and know that this is to be done over PAYPAL only, with verified accounts. Thank you all, and happy holidays! P.S. this account has over 3,000 WINS (normal/ s1 / s2)
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