WTS:Alot of chars good gearred and pvp watch---->

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    Barbarian(pvp main)FuryPVP7(close to 8):t3:2hb(hammer of the void bs),barb hellm,bots(barb),set's potency,white hand wanders(dps hands),bracers(barb),Amaras pride(cape),Scopio neck(prot),high strength ring(prot+strengt+imunity).t2:belt,l.t1:-.Khitai:Tiger:L,hands,Chest,Hellm.Hyrkanian:Che st,hands,shoulders.(lot more few khitais epics from like bb(sin+barb),or prot......).PVPvp6(l),pvp7(cape),pvp6(rings),pvp3(neck),pvp4(b elt+bots),pvp5(wrists),pvp7(hellm),(+40 campagin tokens,3k+ conquest tokens).pvp k/d 6k Kills,4k Deaths.This was my main pvp barb i am know as an good(or very)pvper on fury.THe aa tree is half full with many full ........ This is pretty mutch the description i can gave for barb.Guild:The Law. Dark Templar(pve main)Crom:well on this char i have loooot items to give but i cant rly tel all because are very many i will give most importantly:t4:hands(dt)(30tokens).t387 tokens+2 big tokens can buy bd pieces...)i dont rly remember here are too many....can give a photo of inventory if needet.Khitai:LL(hate l),Tiger(light+heavy l),TIger chest.(lots more armors ....) PVP:3 k/d 900 kills 400 deaths.( have alot of rank 4 khitais on it+lot of rank 4 items and alot more....for who is interested will give photo of aa.....).(ibis 1h+ 6 shards) Tempest of Set(alt pve)Crom:t1:many..... t2:same)) khitai:same (also will give photo if needet are too many items to show.) PVP:1 k/d(dosent matter low). Assasin (alt pve+pvp)Crom:t2(utmost full)+pvp5 k/d 3k/2k Assasin(alt pvp)Furyvp 4(utmsot 5) k/d 2.5k kills 5k deaths(or something like that ) BB l...(photo aswell...) Main thing is i have all slots full of characters i cant describe all of them cuz are too many i have good k/d on utmost all also i have some golds on all of them like i think 50 g total from all execept pom,conq,necro ( cuz my gf played on them) rest chars are:guardian.(deleted 1 demo)+20 offline lvls. Anyway i played 4.5 years this game utmost everyday For sure is that i wont sell it for cheap cuz i spend mutch work on this.I still like it but i got too borred on it sow... For price pm.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.