WTS: All rounded Bear Shaman Tyranny

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    Bored of my bearshaman even thought its one of the best dueling/group support classes, looking to sell or maybe trade for a ranger(high pvp geared). Have almost 2 sets of epics for pvp and pve. PVP t1 epics - helm, chest, l, cloak, 2hb PVP t2 epics - boots, necklace PVP t3 epics - 2x rings PVE t1 epics - chest and 2hb PVE t2 epics - l, belt and armbands quest epics - black dragon cloak, necklace from grim grey god, bow from yag khitai epics - tiger gloves, 2 str rings (shadows and Cang-jei), scarlet circle str cape, archpriest belt, yag wrists Maxed faction with children of yag, scarlet circle, shadows and wolves. Tons of AA, all you need for any khitai instance. SSF, celestal gaze, sleght of bears. Lots of tokens, 1.4k conquest, 3.3k moa you can get any faction epics if you want... Maxed alchmey and bori gathering (grandmaster) Currently have 57g and 100g worth of mats. Account have claimable 100%xp pots and tiger mount (1 year sub promo). Alts include a sin (pvp5, 100+ rare trophy) and guard each with 5 or more epics, all of them on Tyranny. Account is still active till end of this year. I can meet you in game or provide you with screenshots. Asking for 250usd as you wouldn't be able to get the claimable tiger mount anymore, plus you get 5 more mth of game time.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.