WTS: All DoW/DoM 50, 3 Crafts 50, 77mil in Gil

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    All Battle and Mage Jobs Level 50! (Paragon's Crown) Gladiator 50 Marauder 50 Lancer 50 Pugilist 50 Archer 50 Thaumaturge 50 Conjurer 50 Armorer 50 with Mallet of the Luminary (Best ARM tool in the game) Blacksmith 50 Weaver 50 Alchemy 36 (Hands of the Gods) Other crafts in 30s 77,000,000 Gil! Over 15 Mil in gear, items, materials. Ifrit Battle Loot 5/7: Ifrit's Battleaxe, Ifrit's Harpoon, Ifrit's Claws, Ifrit's Bow, Ifrit's Cane, and 8/10 Inferno Totems. King Moggle Mog Battle Loot 1/7: Murderous Mogfists, and 1/20 Kupo Nuts Dzemael Darkhold Loot: Verdant Shortbow, Verdant Hora, Canopus Guisarme, Canopus Shield, Canopus Bill, Astaroth Cane, Alpine War Jacket, Solid Scale Mail, Revolutionary's Bliaud, Bladedancer's Jackboots, Warlock's Pattens Race: Male Elezen (You can change this later) Grand Company: Maelstrom Rank: Storm Sergeant Third Class (Highest Rank Available currently) Good Reputation on Server PM me Bid Starts at $350, Sell Out at $700 Thanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.