WTS: ALL CHAMPS 70% RUNES 23k IP 12k RP 60 SKINS GOLD!Middleman Seller Guide

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    It's my account. Comes with all champions but naami and sejuani. Has an insane amount of runes with everytype I've ever seen in competitve play. 16 pages. 12k RP enough to buy a ton of skins still. 23k IP Enough to buy another set of runes or the next few champions. It's in gold It's in NA Also Never been banned. Never had referral boosting or anything like that. List of skins. Dynasty Ahri Unchained Alistar Pharoah Amumu Frostfire Annie iblitzcrank Boom Boom Blitzcrank Cryocore Brand Nightmare Chogath Battlecast PRime Cho'Gath L Red BAron Corki L Lord Darius Mundoverse NottingHam Ezreal FrostedEzreal Rugged Garen Nightblade irelia Aviator irelia Angler jax Jaximus Nemesis Jax Debonair Jayce Full Metal Jayce Traditional Karma Mercenary Katarina Slay Belle Katarina Silver Kayle Judgement kayle Swamp master kennen Karate Kennen Arctic ops Kennen Sonoran Kog'Maw Mecha Kha'zix L Traditional Lee sin Acolyte Lee sin Dragon Fist Lee sin Muay Thai Lee Sin Valkyrie leona Marble Malphite Glacial Malphite Dreadknight Nasus AstroNautilus Leopard Nidalee French Maid Nid Glacial Olaf Gothic Orianna Headhunter Rengar Battle Bunny Riven Frozen Shen Yellow Jacket Shen Warlord shen Surfer Singed Augmental Singed Spectacular Sivir Arcade Sona Dryad Soraka Norhtern front Swain Badger Teemo Super Teemo Riot Girl Trist Rocket Girl Trist Jack of Hearts White mage veigar Blood Lord Vladimir L Special Weapon Zac Pool Party Ziggs Time MAchine Zilean ------------------- contact : astogifly Or pm on here. Will use official mm's Or you pay and get info.
Thread Status:
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