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    Asmodian 55 chanter (legion lvl 5 warehouse full with random stuff and gear, has silver gold and platinum medals, 9 gold pieces, 1 blue pants, 2 eternal pvp cruc pieces, 4 pvp pieces. Has armorsmithing 448 and has alot of eternal designs in the warehouse full support spec with couple dps spec), 41 temp (4 gold pieces, 20 berdin amulets (xp card) has almost all the stigma ready cept greaters has silver and gold coins), 30 ranger (full gold gear combo of lvl 25 and 30 and a 25+10 gold bow), 22 cleric (second legion lvl 2, alot of fluxes, ores and other farm items,also alot of balaur mats) 13 cleric (has a lvl 1 legion, more fluxes)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.