WTS Aion US Level 50 Asmodian Sorcerer Nezekan

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    lvl 50 pvp based asmodian sorcerer with lots of kinahs, items, abyss gear. these are the highlights Attributes -HP 4535 -MP 8854 -Magic Boost 2015 -Magic Accuracy 1140 -Physical Defence 491 -Evasion 1242 -Magic Resist 1026 Skills -Tailoring 399 -Alchemy 399 Gears Lvl 30 Orange Abyss Gear -Necklace -Earrings x2 -Pauldron (All 6 Slots Magic Boost+23) -Leggings (All 6 Slots Magic Boost+23) -Gloves (All 4 Slots Magic Boost+25) -Ring -Shoes (All 6 Slots Magic Boost+23) Lvl 50 Orange Abyss Gear -Ring -Belt Other Gears -Lvl 34 Blue Helm -Lvl 44 Orange Tunic (All 4 Slots Magic Boost+25) -Quest Orange Orb (Bentoni's Jewel) (All 4 Slots Magic Boost+25) -Lvl 50 Wings Other Informations -80m Kinahs (Worth $400) -Tons of Fluxs (Worth Around 8m),Balaur Meat, Demon's Eyes,Elemental Stones,Stigma Shards, & Manastones (lvl 40&50) (Worth 4m) -Potions, Scrolls & Foods (Worth 3m) -11 Silver Medals -**-Rin-Ka-Zan's Shield Recipe (Worth 5m) -Godstone: Frey's Wisdom (Worth 6m) -Boiling Blood x70 (Worth 150k each) -Platinum Coins x100+ (Worth 20k each) -Hot Balaur Heart x7 (Worth 1.4m) -Blue Balaur Scalex900 (Worth 4k each) -Balic Crafting Egos (Worth 3m) -Total Worth Of Items Is About 40m -All Skills Learned The price i am looking for is around sgd$800,or euro 390,or USD$595. If you are interested, kindly leave ur contact here and i will get back to u asap. u can oso contact me at [email protected] . If u have any other doubts or questions regarding the sales, feel free to post it here. Have a nice day.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.