[WTS] Aion SM 54, Ranger 55, Cleric 53, Sin 50 + alts + Guild Wars account

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    SOLD, please close this topic All characters are on 1, EU English server, Elyos side. SM: lvl 54 Artisan cooking (over 450p) Full miragent set (except weapon) Both IP/SRO trees. Cleric Lvl 53 **-Rin-Ka-Zan's mace enchanted to lvl 10 Kingspin’s Malevite Shield 4/5 Elite 30 abyss set, enchanted to +10 (one piece) and +6 (3 other pieces) Ripple of puri and noble energy stigmas Ranger Lvl 55 Exedil's bow merged with abyss elite 30 bow, enchanted to +10 2/5 non-elite 40 abyss pieces Agonazing arrow, heart shot stigmas Sin Lvl 50 Aethertapping ~~320points Anuhart dagger enchanted to +5 Triroan’s Dagger dash and slash tree Also: L39 sorc (alchemy 399p, essencetapping 399p), need 1 more lvl to be able to gather 300p+ resources L36 chanter, green balic att speed staff enchanted to +10 L48 Glad ~~12kk kinah ~~250k ap in items on SM + over 200k current ap. ~~ 25 golden medals ~~ 17 platinium medals on ranger, few on SM. + Guildwars account, with L20 mesmer + prop + eye of the north + nightfall + factions 13 months veteran rewards in Aion, collectors edition. Account is frozen, you can play GW without any fee. Characters got normal looks (not gnomes etc). If u want screen, how they look - pm me. Characters got normal names. NEW PRICE! Price: 200 USD/600PLN/150 Euro Payment method: - paypal (Verified account) - Moneybookers - International Bank transfer After purchase, when you confirm that everything is ok - i will send you cd key via email. More info on pw.
Thread Status:
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