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    So, looking to sell an Aion account Has a 28 Assassin, 28 Ranger, 25 Chanter, all 3 are decently geared for their levels and properly socketed I also have 2 bank/AH alts - 10 templar and 10 spirit master Assassin has a 199 Weapon smith and tailoring(not sure on that lv, but i don't think it's past 100) Chanter has Alchemy, not sure on lv but it's just a bit over 100 Ranger has 199 Cooking and 199 Handyman I have around 2 million in kinah and lots and lots of items in bank for crafting that i've been saving up Looking for around 100 CAD or will take 50$ and a WoW time card AIM - Senoyforever E-mail - centuria_15@ If you don't have more then 10 rep, i expect payment first before you get anything
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.