WTS: Aion North America - 6-Month Elyos Account for Sale (includes Character Transfers).

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    I am done with MMO’s and am selling what remains of my MMO Accounts (I have an Aion Account, Warhammer Account, WoW Account and 3 Ultima Online Accounts that will be listed today, May 15 and be available for immediate purchase up until May 22). This listing is for my Aion (North America) Account: There are a total of 8 Elyos Characters on this account (all of which are on the SIEL server – However, I have numerous character transfer codes to allow transfer of the characters to any server). The account was established in October 2009 (a month after launch). Unfortunately, I deactivated several times, therefore, it is only acknowledged as 6 months actively subscribed. However, the six month mark is the most significant as it entitles every character to the Soaring Daeva wings (Wings that grant an additional 60 sec flight time, thereby increasing one-minute flight time to two minutes, useable at level 40). In addition, I purchased two of the storage pets: Aion® Shugo Lad Pack Pet (24 additional storage pet - $19.99) and the Aion® Speckled Ailu Pack Pet (12 additional storage pet - $14.99). I also purchased the Aion® Pesky Manduri Signal Pet ($9.99) and the Aion® Pudgy Porgus Fortune Pet ($9.99). The account has over 300 Coins (from Iron to Platinum) and all characters have Lodas Amulets and Revival Stones as well as “Expand Cube” tickets. I have also saved all gold items acquired through game play. Characters Include: Lvl 46 Cleric w/399 Cooking (first phase of “Hestia’s” expert cooking test complete) 399 Essence/ 225 Aethertapping. The character has 6 Major Ancient Crowns and the event Pointytail Acuran pet as well as other numerous Event items (Jester Tunic, Goves, Shoes, Hat, the Trickster’s Sylphen Hat and several event godstones). In addition, the character has 60+ Progress Tokens for the Alabaster Order, 110 Groggies and other such items. 90 Cube Inventory (64-Cube Bank Inventory; max bank storage for level). Lvl 32 Sorceress w/212 Alchemy, 199 Essencetapping– Full 5-piece set of Daevanion Armor w/Shrewd Tome (+10 Chest, + 2 Pants w/11 Lvl 40+ enchantment stones in bank to finish pants or add to Tome). This character has the Event “Watchful Ailu” (KungFu Panda) and numerous other event items (Cool Swimsuit, Summer Headwrap, Rabbit’s Ear Headband, Solorius Beret, 7 Event godstones and 60 Event candies). 72 Cube Inventory (64-Cube Bank Inventory; max bank storage for level). Lvl 30 Spirit Master w/162 Tailoring, 125 Essencetapping. Character has all pets (Fire, Wind, Earth, Water). The character also has over 1,500 rawhide saved (thin, thick, strong & tough) and an event dyed white Bustle. 72 Cube inventory (56 Cube Bank Inventory). Lvl 30 Chanter w/44 Handicrafting, 134 Essencetapping. Items on this character include 70 petals (including 13 from the Asmo side) as well as 5 event dyes (Black, White and Red) This character has 17 Major Ancient Crowns and numerous Handicrafting designs. 72 Cube Inventory (64-Cube Bank Inventory; max bank storage for level). Lvl 30 Gladiator w/149 Essencetapping. The character is holding various items for skins – was slated to be an Armorsmith (has the expert Admantium Shield Design). 72 Cube Inventory (64-Cube Bank Inventory; max bank storage for level). Lvl 24 Assasin w/43 Weaponsmithing, 104 Essencetapping. Character has the Event Pumpkin Hat. 63 Cube inventory (48 Cube Bank Inventory). Two Lower level Characters are used as Bank holders – Items between the two character’s banks include more than 900 Fluxes, more than 1,100 Manastones (970+ Standard manastones, 225+ “green” manastones), more than 2,500 Ore, 700+ Elemental Stones, 900+ Herbs, 500+ Woods, 700+ Aethers, 350+ Fibers, 4,000+ Cooking Ingredients, 100+ Green Material Items, 25+ Balaur ingredients. Both characters have 63 Cube Inventory (64-Cube Bank Inventory; max bank storage for level). Pets are holding additional ingredients and/or armor/weapons for those characters. The game was purchased as a digital download, therefore, you will not have to own the game already to play this account – simply log in and begin downloading the game. I am asking $250.00 for the account. I am PayPal verified (a premier member in good standing) which should more than attest to my credibility. If using PayPal, you must be verified and have a confirmed address. I can be reached via ICQ at: 463-888-194.
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