WTS: [Aion NA - Siel/Vaizel] - Lv.55 Gladiator + 3 Alt's [Collector's Edition] ( 1 2)

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    Rules: 1. Read the rules! 2. Post & PM me. 3. Be respectful. 4. I will be using the service and the buyer will be paying for the fee's. 5. I only accept Western Union, again buyer pays for fee's. 6. I am the original owner & will provide any and all info you require. 7. Re-read the rules, please. I've quit Aion & moved to other more expensive hobby's, so I think it's finally time for this to go. The account isn't currently active but will be activated for the to check it out. The Gladiator currently is on the Siel server and all alt's are on Vaizel. Also, the account is a Collector's Edition account, with 17 month veteran rewards, if you don't know what those are feel free to ask, but they're extremely nice to have. The Gladiator is the main character on the account (obviously) and is geared to the teeth with the 2 best weapons for the class in the game as well as a full L40 Elite AP set with every piece +10 (body is +11 ) fully socketed for PvP, and a full set of L50 Abyss accessories. This character will get you kills and destroy faces, it is mainly designed to be a PvP monster, the Abyss kills I've gotten mainly are solo/small group kills only, with under 7k coming from Siege's. Main character's gear is as follows: Combined on the Commander Bakarma's Spear is the L50 Elite Guardian Tribunus' Spear, with a Silence Godstone. Combined on the Anhuart Elite's Longbow is the L30 Elite Guardian Squad Leader's Longbow. Also included on this character is the extremely rare >>>Zapiel's Spearitems: -Noble Wise Dragon King's Sword +1 (Gold proc of 50 Balic sword) -Dragon Deity General's Sword +1 -Stormwing's Plate Pauldrons -Anurati's Corundum Ring -3/5 Miragent Set (Feet/Gloves/Shoulders) -4/5 Anuhart Gladiator set (missing body) -2/5 Beshmundir Gladiator set (shoulders & hands) -Vorpal Corundrum Earrings x2 -Noah's Tears -Silikor's Leather Belt -Kysis Diamond Necklace -2 Cool Swimsuit's And quite a few Abyss potions (around 300 I think), as well as 5mil kinah. Many various other items are included, only naming one's that come to mind. Also has a few pets, included that I can remember off the top of my head are the vet. reward multipurpose pet, the Panda, and the 3 headed Dragon. Also, there are also 3 alt. characters on the account, a 36 Ranger, 35 Assassin, and 30 Spiritmaster. I mainly played the Ranger & Assassin, but all are geared in mostly Blue/Gold (SM has 2 greens) gear. The Assassin has almost a carbon copy of the gear below that is on the Ranger, and pic's can be provided if you're legitimately interested. Both the Ranger & Assassin share the Flash set but it is currently on the Ranger, as you can see below. Note: the Ranger has at least 5mil kinah on it, possibly more, but I can't remember. I'm open to offers, a buyout will be set once I start getting some interest. Please PM &/or post your offers on this one of a kind account! But if I don't get what I believe it's worth, I'm more than happy to keep my account in case I do return. Thanks for looking!
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