WTS aion na conjoined account! and another account

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    heres the deal when i bought the game my dad tagged it under his account so his is the master mine is the underling account we are selling both heres what we got! ACCOUNT # 1!!! chanter level 60! elyos siel master noble kori staff with 50 pvp staff beneath it +10 full cruci gears socketed MR! fully stigmaed! ***************** Chanter 50 twink! siel elyos full 40e+15 Lannok staff +15 with 40 pvp staff taha staff +10 i think it has pvp staff full pvp access ***************** Glad level 47 ready to be 50 twink! some pieces 40 gold pvp armor socketed some pieces 33 crafted kromede spear socketed with 16% attack speed +15 expert weaponsmithing around 460 has balic 50 spear sells for 80 mil kinah easy to craft and has 40 balic GS recipe sells 60 mil ***************** Temp level 50 some gear no impressive weapons has expert armor smithing and full 33 plate gold recipes and chain ACCOUNT #2!!! Sin level 60 tiamat asmo full 50e +6-10 no weapons i raged and de them good accessories ****************** level 42 cleric asmo tiamt naked completley! ****************** 30 ranger tiamat asmos full 30e+12 socketed green stones! 30 pvp bow full 30 accessories ****************** 46 Temp Siel elyos full +10 pve armors dredge/twink ready! 40 balic GS +15 socketed 30 pvp combine ****************** 33 sorc elyos siel full 30 gold pvp armors PRO RIFTING TOON! ready to twink 40! ***************** 30 ranger with some ok gear on siel elyos ACCOUNT #3 not with those other two This one i would trade for 100 mil on tiamat! 50 GLAD tahabata GS Lannok GS+45 crafted GS full gold gear getting ready to be twinked - - - Updated - - - pm me here or text me 707-367-2696 **** chrisbrownvsrhianna we can use a middle man if you want
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