WTS: Aion (NA) Account : LVL 60 Gladiator Full PVP Set with +15 Bakarma

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    Gladiator (level 60) PVP Set (Crit+Att+Acc) Level 50 Elite Guardian Tribunus Set (All +10) Noble Chain Coliseum Champions Hood PVP Set (Magic Resist) +10 Noble Coliseum Champions Hauberk +10 Noble Coliseum Champions Chausses +1 Noble Coliseum Champions Handguards +1 Noble Coliseum Champions Spaulders +1 Noble Coliseum Champions Brogans (With 2.18 million Abyss Points - 4 star officer) PVP Weapons +15 Commander Bakarma Spear fused with Elite Guardian Tribunus Spear (w/ Silence Godstone) Noble Coliseum Champions Glaive (+5 attack manastones) Vorpal Longbow fused with pvp longbow PVP Accessories Guardian Brigade General Corundrum Necklace Guardian Brigade General Corundrum Earrings (x2) Guardian Brigade General Corundrum Rings (x2) Guardian Brigade General Leather Belt PVE Set Master Noble Drenium Helm +1 Stormwing Breastplate +1 Stormwing Gauntlets +1 Stormwing Greaves +1 Stormwing Sabatons +1 Stormwing Shoulderplates +1 Miragent Breastplate +1 Miragent Gauntlets +1 Miragent Greaves +1 Miragent Sabatons +1 Miragent Shoulderplates PVE Weapon Coliseum Champions Brand (PVPVE) Tac Officers Brand (PVE) 38 million kinah + a lot of items in warehouse and pet's warehouse With level 35 spiritmaster with +10 pvp weapon level 32 sorc (daeva set) +10 pvp weapon level 32 cleric gold set level 35 templar level 21 chanter and others. To contact me please mail me at [email protected] ---------- Post added 06-19-2012 at 10:12 PM ---------- Adding more items: Blue Surfrider (gold) Felicitous Socketing Eternal (x4) Lots of Dye (various colors) Platinum Medal 133 Crucible Insigna 70k plus and counting Courage Insigna 3k plus and counting Lots of Manastones Opportunity Token 32 and counting and much more items from various toons.
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