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    Comes in PDF Format and you are all set to go. Will Only accept from paypal members thank you. Do you feel like leveling is taking forever and questing is becoming an endless chore that is barricading you from the rewarding end-game content? Are you sick and tired of wasting precious Kinah buying back experience after dying several times a day? If your goal is to reach level 55 as fast as humanly possible and to pick up the best equipment, skills, and items along the way, then you should not go without this Aion manual. Jam-packed with cutting-edge strategies to make mountains of Kinah, this walkthrough will let you speed through levels 1 to 55 and effortlessly plow through mobs and enemies at any given time. The unofficial Aion Guide by Killer Guides is undoubtedly an invaluable asset for every Aion dweller who is serious about getting ahead. Highlights of this Aion Guide: Read up on advanced leveling strategies and the fastest progression path to powerlevel your character to level 55 at a breakneck pace Brisk through quests with level-by-level quest walkthroughs Venture deep into new instances and dungeons with confidence and knowledge beforehand Find out recommended Kinah earning strategies to boost your earnings to an all time high Get a full information run-down of factions and classes to help you choose the class which best fits your playing style from day one Refer to a complete equipment list to make sure you get the optimal gear for your character at any point in the game Obtain the most effective macros and get a full intro on various aspects of the game Discover how to make the most out of each profession from alchemy to weapon smithing Learn everything there is to know about stigma, including slotting, stigma quests and stones to advance NPC-buyable stigmas Leveling Strategies: Have your fruitless attempts to level up faster left you discouraged and faltered? This Aion leveling guide is here to change all that and make leveling an experience you will truly enjoy. With killer leveling strategies for both Elyos and Asmodians, you will be able to make the most out of your leveling efforts at every level - all the way to 55. Before you know it, you'll find yourself at level cap! Quest Walkthroughs: Spending precious playtime completing quests with measly rewards? Don't let these uncertainties waste your time and slow down your leveling performance. In the Aion hint book, you will find out which quests to take up, where to find them, and how to quickly complete them for any given level. Instance Walkthroughs: No longer fear the dark or unexplored areas in the game. This new section of the Aion guide has explored the unexplored and reveals the unrevealed right before your very eyes. Know what your facing and how to prepare for each area and get ready to claim them for yourself. Detailed tables of the different quests and rewards in each instance will surely not fail you. Kinah-Making: Is equipment getting more expensive by the day? Do you find yourself spending more and more Kinah to polish up your character? Does the frustratingly high amount of Kinah needed to keep your character cutting-edge leave you little room to breathe as you climb up the levels? If you have realized the importance of stocking up on Kinah and stocking up fast, then you will really appreciate this Aion manual. Included are tactics to increase your auction house earnings, expand your revenue from selling and trading items, and much more. Choosing Factions and Classes: Avoid regret and wasted playtime that comes with an unlucky character choice. Find out what Aion has in store for each class, what their roles are in Atreia, and read up on their strengths and weaknesses. All of that comes with effective combat strategies for each class from tanking and dealing damage to kiting and taking defensive stances. Equipment, Items and Inventory: With eight different classes in Aion, each with different specialties, there is an overwhelming selection of equipment to choose from for your character. With the pros and cons that each item offers, decisions need to be made. The Aion Guide helps you make all the right one because you will know what to acquire for your character and how. And it doesn't stop there. Power shards? Manastones? Warehouse and inventory questions? Get all the recommendations in this Aion strategy book. Macros and Other Game Information: Want to outperform your friends and have a reputable character on your server? Then you will need Aion macros. Find out how to register and set up macros for functions, quickbars and much more. New to MMORPGs? Cut down on the learning curve with a full glossary featured in this Aion reference explaining the user interface, game mechanics and the meaning of common acronyms. Profession Guide: There is more than meets the eye to choosing a profession. Discover what you are getting yourself into before making your choice and how you can benefit most from each profession. Besides profession information and recommendations, insiders' insights for each profession -- from weapon and armor smithing to handcrafting and cooking -- are depicted in this Aion handbook. With expert advice and in-depth explanations, you will learn what leveling up each profession entails and what to do when you get stuck along the way. Stigma Guide: If the novel stigma system confuses you, or you simply want to get the lowdown on how to effectively manage stigmas, then you definitely should not go without the in-depth stigma walkthrough available in this Aion Guide. Find out everything you need to know about stigmas: slotting, stigma quests, stones and shards with equipment advice, and of course stigma skills and recommendations. Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!
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