WTS Aion Infinite lv55 Ranger Acc (Pride Server-Asmo Side)

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    Class: Ranger Lvl: 55 Race: Asmodian Stigma Build: PvP - Lightning Arrow tree build Abyss: 610k ap (not used) + 330k ap Relics, Total of 940k free ap. GEAR: --------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon Master Noble Korie Bow / 50 lvl Abyss bow (Paralyze GodStone) +13 --------------------------------------------------------------- Armor Gloves: 50 lvl Elite Archon Tribunus's Vambrace +13 Shoulderguards: 50 lvl Elite Archon Tribunus's Shoulderguards +13 Boots: 50lvl Elite Archon Tribunus's Boots +11 Armor: Jotun's Jerkin Pants: Gelkmaros Breeches Hat: Dragon Deity General's Hat Belt: Archon Tribunus's Leather Belt --------------------------------------------------------------- Accesories Rings: Kingspin's Corundum Ring / Vallakhan's Ring Necklace: Debilkarim's Corundum Necklace Earrings: Debilkarim's Corundum Earrings / Bergrisar's Earrings --------------------------------------------------------------- Craft Expert Essencetapping: 457p Expert Aethertapping: 405p Novice Cooking: 100p Artisan Alchemy: 481p Master Handicrafting: 529 --------------------------------------------------------------- Stash 90 Red Heliotrope Crystals 163 Platinum Medals Many Manastones: Crit +17,Ma +14,Hp +95, Attack +5 270kk kinah + selling stuff worth around ~80kk kinah to sell. --------------------------------------------------------------- If u interested in buying this Acc/Character, pm me for info. -Payment Via Paypal- Sincerely, Sellingaion.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.