WTS: Aion EU Nexus Account Ranger lvl 46 with decent gear and kinah

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    Character -HP: 3.996 -MP: 3586 AP: 21.419 Soldier, Rank 6 16 titles GEAR -Stigmas: Arrow Deludge I, Sleep Arrow I, Snare Trap III, Bestial Fury I. -+1 Suntouched Bow combined with (Attack +27, HP +245, CritStrike+48) (CritStrike +11 x8) -Yuditio's Wing Feather -Justice Jerkin (CritStrike +11 x2) -Suntouched Breeches (CritStrike +12) -Expert Noble Tough Shoulderguards (CritStrike +13 x4) -Deft Counsel's Vambrace( CritStrike +12) -Luminary Diamond Necklace & Luminary Diamond Earrings -Atropos's Mithril Ring & Atropo's sapphire earrings -Heavenly Topaz Ring -Sipus Belt +All pieces of armor outfited with Haramel's Asmodian Skins. +Helmet outfited with Haramel's half silver mask skin. +Weapon outfited with Lava Bow from Fire Temple instance. Stuff -9.301.704 Kinah -Some rings worth 300k kinah -Greater Courage Scroll (124) -Greater Running Scroll (88) -Greater Mana potion (248) -Major Mana Serum (100) -Major Life Serum (100) -Major life potion (50) +More some random stuff. I can offer along with the character one brand new 60-day gametime code card. Contact me on : user: anthonyzer0 Avoid Scams, only PayPal. Thank you
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