WTS: Aion EU | level 55 Spirit Master | 3/5 SW Set | level 40 Abyss Armour | 99$ | Fast

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    ~ Aion Online Level 55 Chanter ~

    Telemachus, Asmodian

    Price: 99$
    Paid trough Paypal or Moneybookers

    This account has it practically all. A great character, awsome armour great alts and much, much, much more! It provides you to acces the core and most fun and intense part of the Aion game. Get into th? most most exiting encounters in both PVP and PVE!

    Great Armour Such as:

    3 Parts of Eternal Stormwing armor :

    +1 Stormwing shoes
    +1 Stormwing Pauldorns
    Stormwing gloves
    +1 Master Hoca tunic
    BT Leggies (gold)

    !! All parts fulled sockted with MA/MB/HP yellow manastones. !!

    Also noteworthy is the amount of Fenris Items (3) and Migarent Gear!
    * Vorpal tome +10 , combined with Noble Saira book + Silence godstone and manastones.
    * also have at least 5/6 lvl 40 Abyss Armor set (tunic +10) all parts sockted with yellow manastones.

    6 pets:

    inculding the black cat companion pet, loot pet from EC, Vet reward pet, Monkey from ESO

    !! 11k EC insignias + Vorpal essence and more !!

    And if you think it can't get any better look at the following items included!

    Archon Brigade General's Sash lvl55 eternal
    The circle crystal ring , eternal
    Archon Tribinus gold ring lvl 50
    The circle crystal necklace, eternal
    Debilkarim's Turquoise Earring, eternal
    Archon Primus Pilus lvl55 earring, gold

    Master hoca bandana + Beshmundir Spiritmaster Hairpin

    Also 70+ Gold Medals and a lot of other items that save you both time and money!
    Many Potions and Scrolls 100% ready for use. And some millions of Kinah included in the account.

    Now let's mention the alts:

    lvl46 Ranger
    lvl43 Chanter
    lvl38 Assasin
    lvl33 Templar
    lvl32 Gladiator
    lvl30 Sorc

    Alts are good if not greatly geared.

    It is THE account in which you can enjoy Aion to the fullest. Don't give yourself weeks of boring grinding or months of hopelessly trying to kill one boss. Safe yourself time and get yourself some real fun with Aion!
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